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The victorian age

The victorian age



The British queen,Victoria, has given her name to the era between 1837 and 1901, the years of her reign, the longest of any British ruler.The Victorian era was a period of world as well as British history, for the queen ruled at a time when Britain had a vast global empire, including a quarter of the planet’s population.

It was a time of massive social change. Railroads were built across America and Europe, where many new industries developed. Britain led the way in manufacturing, earning the nickname the “workshop of the world.”The growth of British industries drew vast numbers of people from the countryside to rapidly growing towns and cities. Between 1837 and 1901, the population doubled, from 18.5 to 37 million. By 1901, three quarters of British people lived in towns and cities.

Clothing was transformed by factory production, and by new inventions such as the sewing machine. Cheap clothes could now be mass produced. The period saw the birth of a true fashion industry, with the first department stores, fashion magazines, and mail-order catalogs, allowing people living in Melbourne and San Francisco to follow the latest European styles.

Just as people have always done, the Victorians used clothes as a type of language, sending signals to others about their class, status, and attitudes. In the Victorian age, the language of clothing was understood by everybody, who could instantly place someone’s social position by their dress. It was also international: in Moscow or New York, a Victorian gentleman could be recognized by his tall silk hat and gold-topped cane


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